What should we pay attention to when oiling motor bearings

Generally speaking, the amount of grease added for the supplement lubrication of horizontal internal rotating motor shall be:

-For bearings without intermediate fill holes:

G = 0.005BD

Where D is the outer diameter of the bearing and B is the bearing width, in mm. These two data can be retrieved from the bearing type record. G is in grams.

-For bearings with intermediate oil filling holes:

G = 0.002BD

The units in the formula are the same as the previous formula.

For continuous grease injection equipment, the corresponding injection speed is often required. Generally speaking, the corresponding data can be provided from the manufacturer of lubricating equipment. If this data cannot be obtained, the supplementary lubrication amount can be obtained according to the calculation results of the above formula. Then, the time interval of grease supplement lubrication can be determined as the length of time. The grease injection speed is to add the lubricating grease with the added lubricating amount into the bearing within the lubrication time interval.

The grease injection speed is too fast, which can easily lead to excessive grease inside the bearing, which leads to high temperature and other problems. Too slow grease injection will cause poor lubrication of bearings and other problems. Therefore, it needs to be selected properly.

When the motor is working, the temperature of the bearing should be close to the temperature of the motor end cover, which is higher than the ambient temperature due to the influence of the motor heat source. Especially in the northern winter, the ambient temperature is often 0 degrees or even lower. If the grease is kept at room temperature, the temperature of the grease in the warehouse is the same as that of the room temperature. At this time, the grease in the motor bearing works at the working temperature.

From the knowledge of grease, we know that even the same kind of grease has different consistency at different temperatures. If two kinds of grease with different consistency are mixed, the lubrication performance will be affected( To make an informal analogy, at this time, the lubrication performance of the two temperature grease is different, which can be used as the mixture of two lubricants with different lubrication properties, which is obviously unreasonable).