Factors Influencing the Service Life of Rolling Mill Bearings

The rolling mill bearing is an important part of the rolling mill stand. Its main function is to support the rotating roll, bear the rolling force transmitted by the roll, and maintain the correct position of the roll in the stand. The working conditions of rolling mill bearings are very bad and are affected by factors such as high temperature, heavy load, water and dust. Although the consumption of bearings only accounts for about 5% of the total consumption in production consumption, the impact on the output of rolled steel is as high as 20%. Therefore, special attention must be paid to the use and performance indicators of rolling mill bearings.

Rolling mill bearings are precision parts, which have large load-bearing capacity and poor working environment. Common rolling mill bearing failure forms include: fatigue spalling, wear, corrosion, etc. of the working surface. The failure causes are complex and often appear in one or more forms. There are many factors that are difficult to use quantitative expressions to show the existence of bearing failure. contact directly. The factors affecting the service life of rolling mill bearings are mainly divided into internal factors and external factors. The internal factors include bearing material, structural design, processing and manufacturing, etc., and external factors include bearing speed, load, lubrication, and cooling.