Single row cylindrical roller bearings

Most of Cylindrical roller bearings are separable bearings, which are very convenient for installation and disassembly. Cylindrical roller bearings can withstand larger radial loads and are suitable for use in high-speed running situations.

Single row cylindrical roller bearings are composed of four parts: inner ring, outer ring, roller and cage. This type of bearing allows the angular error (inclination) between the axis of the inner ring and the axis of the outer ring to be very small, only 2’~4′. Therefore, the machining accuracy of the shaft and the bearing seat is relatively high, otherwise, uneven load or stress concentration will easily occur at the contact parts of the raceway. But after correcting the roller or raceway contact bus bar, the occurrence of stress concentration can be reduced. Single row cylindrical roller bearings include N, NU, NJ, NF, NUP, NFP, NH type.

Product Parameter

Principal dimensionsBasic load ratingsLimiting speedDesignation
25521528.827.11100014000NU 205M
25521530.629.31050013500NJ 205 EF1
25521530.629.31100014000NJ 205 ETN1
25521528.827.11100014000NJ 205 EM
25521528.827.11100014000NU 205 EM
25521837.840.222004500NU 2205 V/C9
25621736.932950012000NJ 305 E
25621730.626.6950012000NJ 305
2562173837950012000NU 305 M
25622450.549.5900011000NJ 2305M
25622458.462.222004500NCL 2305 V
30721951.248900011000NU 306 EM
30621634.321.7950012000N 206 E
30621634.321.7950012000NJ 206 E
30621634.321.7950012000NU 206 E
30621626.525.3950012000N 206
30621626.525.3950012000NU 206M
30621632.929.7950012000NU 206EM
30621626.525.3950012000NU 206Q1PS
30621626.525.3950012000NJ 206M
30621636.134.71081013620N 206 ETN1
30621636.134.71081013620NU 206 ETN1
30621636.134.71081013620NJ 206 ETN1

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