About Us

Luoyang Inno Bearing Co., Ltd. is established on the basis of the technology, talents, management and brand advantages of Luoyang Bearing Group Ruihuan Bearing. It is an enterprise integrating R&D, design, production, sales and service. Luoyang Inno Bearing specializes in the development and production of international and non-standard bearing products with specifications below φ3500mm for various purposes, which are widely used in heavy machinery, lifting equipment, mining metallurgy, cement power generation and other fields.

After nearly 30 years of development, the company has always maintained a good momentum of rapid development in the bearing manufacturing industry with an innovative and realistic corporate culture, perfect internal management, and a stable market position.

Through the industry experience and contacts accumulated over the years, we can quickly analyze and respond to the selection of upstream and downstream products. Our company effectively integrates various high-quality resources, expands the supply capacity of multiple types of bearings, improves customers’ procurement efficiency and reduces procurement costs, and is committed to providing customers with high value-added products and services. At the same time, according to the needs of users, we can develop and develop various types and different precision grades of special and special structure non-standard bearings and replace imported domestically produced bearings.

All kinds of products produced by Inno Bearing comply with national standards and industry standards. The products are produced and processed in strict accordance with GB/T288-2013 technical standards, and have passed EAC-TPTC 010/2011 commodity quality system certification. The precision of the product reaches P0(G), P6(E), P5(D); the computer optimization aided design is adopted to make the product performance in the best state; the detection instrument identified by the national first-level measurement unit is adopted. On the one hand, it has professional equipment such as magnetic particle flaw detector, roughness detector, hardness detector, spectrometer, etc., to ensure the accuracy of product size transmission. In order to strictly control the quality of materials, all raw materials must be fully tested and put into production when they meet the national testing standards. The company can provide customers with the repair business of large and extra-large bearings, saving users a lot of money.