How does slewing bearing work?

Slewing bearings usually consist of a rotating ring with an inner ring and several outer rings. This kind of bearing is characterized by a large contact area, allowing it to maintain high rotation accuracy and stability while bearing large loads. In addition, slew bearings are usually equipped with lubrication systems and sealing devices to ensure […]

What is the difference between rolling bearings and slewing bearings?

Rolling bearings and slew bearings are both types of bearings. They have many similarities in application, but there are also some obvious differences between them. Rolling bearing is a mechanical component that bears load during rolling motion and is widely used in various mechanical equipment. A slew bearing is a special type of bearing with […]

Things to note when choosing bearing lubricant

Bearing lubricant analysis is crucial to maintaining normal operation of bearings. Its main functions are as follows: In order to ensure the normal operation of bearings, extend the overhaul cycle and improve work efficiency and reliability, it is crucial to select the appropriate lubricant. Based on the above functions, the following factors should be focused […]

Basic knowledge of open bearings

An open bearing is a rolling bearing without a sealed design. Can withstand radial load and axial load. Mainly used in high-speed operation situations, such as gearboxes, instruments, motors, household appliances, internal combustion engines, etc. Open bearing designs usually include an outer ring, an inner ring, a set of steel balls and a set of […]

Characteristics and differences between angular contact bearings and deep groove ball bearings

Characteristics of angular contact ball bearings: Characteristics of deep groove ball bearings: There are significant differences in performance between angular contact ball bearings and deep groove ball bearings. Angular contact ball bearings can withstand larger radial loads and axial loads, and their ability to withstand eccentric loads is stronger than deep groove ball bearings. At […]

Do you really understand bearing steel?

Bearing steel is the steel used to make bearings. Mainly divided into high carbon chromium bearing steel, carburized bearing steel and medium carbon bearing steel. Among them, high-carbon chromium bearing steel has good comprehensive properties and has the largest output. It has good cutting performance after spheroidizing annealing, high hardness and good wear resistance after […]

What properties do machine tool spindle bearings need to have?

The spindle bearings of CNC machine tools usually use rolling bearings, which rely on rolling elements to rotate. The bearing is equipped with an element consisting of several spheres, such as balls or steel balls made of ceramic material. They are used to bear axial and radial loads and ensure the operating performance of the […]

Introduction to non-standard bearings

Non-standard bearings refer to bearings that do not meet the external dimensions specified by national standards. They are usually produced according to customer requirements, and the size and structure are not fixed. Non-standard bearings are mainly used in special equipment and special occasions, such as British non-standard bearings, which are mainly customized according to customer […]

Performance characteristics and application areas of stainless steel bearings

As an important mechanical component, stainless steel bearings are widely used in various industrial fields, such as automobiles, aerospace, energy, medical equipment, etc. Its outstanding performance and durability make it the first choice for many critical applications. This article will introduce in detail the main performance characteristics of stainless steel bearings. The main material of […]

Core technology and application fields of slewing bearings

The core technology of slew bearings includes the following aspects: The powerful medical technology of slewing bearings makes them widely used, mainly in the following fields. Industrial field: Slewing bearings are widely used in large equipment in the industrial field, such as large rolling mills, grinding mills, large paper machines, wind turbines, etc. It can […]