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How to choose the temperature of bearing grease?

In the process of equipment design, installation and use, the selection of bearing grease temperature is very important. For motors, the commonly used lubricating medium is grease. Generally, grease suppliers will mark some data on the technical parameters of grease, including dropping point, operating temperature range, etc. On the other hand, there are many temperature […]

Diagnosis and Analysis of Improper Bearing Installation

The bearing itself is a precision mechanical part. When the bearing is running, only a very thin lubricating oil film is separated between the rolling element and the raceway of the bearing. The thickness of this lubricating film is only one hundred and two hundredths of a sheet of paper. The lubricating film is an […]

Failure Analysis and Prevention Methods of Rolling Bearings in Plate Mill

There are many types of rolling bearings used in plate rolling mills, and each type of bearing has its own suitable application occasions. In actual work, there are many cases of bearing failure or early damage due to improper bearing selection. Therefore, the selection of bearing type and the correct installation and use play a […]

Motor bearing load and heat generation

When the motor bearing temperature is not significantly higher than the motor base temperature, the overall heating of the motor bearing is not the main component of the motor heating, and the temperature distribution at this time is in line with the normal temperature distribution. Therefore, from the perspective of temperature distribution, the possibility of […]

Factors Influencing the Service Life of Rolling Mill Bearings

The rolling mill bearing is an important part of the rolling mill stand. Its main function is to support the rotating roll, bear the rolling force transmitted by the roll, and maintain the correct position of the roll in the stand. The working conditions of rolling mill bearings are very bad and are affected by […]

What should we pay attention to when oiling motor bearings

Generally speaking, the amount of grease added for the supplement lubrication of horizontal internal rotating motor shall be: -For bearings without intermediate fill holes: G = 0.005BD Where D is the outer diameter of the bearing and B is the bearing width, in mm. These two data can be retrieved from the bearing type record. […]

Improve the service life of rolling mill bearings

The failure of the work roll bearing of the cold rolling mill causes the rolling line to stop, reducing the operating rate of the rolling mill, and reducing the output; causing damage to the bearing, the bearing seat and its accessories. Therefore, while absorbing the successful experience of other manufacturers, combined with the actual working […]

LYCRH Railway bearings

Railway rolling stock Bearings  Railway rolling stock bearings refer to bearings used in locomotives and vehicles. Bearings on locomotives include axle box bearings, traction motor bearings, transmission system bearings, bearings of the power unit and bearings of the cooling system, etc. The bearings in railway vehicles are mainly axle box bearings, and passenger car axle […]