Maintenance method of backing bearing

The eighteen-high rolling mill bearings adopt double-row needle roller bearings. When the copper foil is rolled at a high speed of 600m/min, the bearing speed reaches 3550r/min. The working conditions of the bearing are extremely bad, and improper assembly is prone to burns and scratches on the bearing surface. Needle roller fracture, wear, needle roller cage fracture and other problems.

The eighteen-high rolling mill has a total of 8 backing bearing rolls, each with 9 bearings, and a total of 72 bearings. The bearings have no inner ring and are assembled on 8 surface-hardened mandrels.
(1) Bearings should be tested for meat thickness before installation. The bearings should be tested and classified one by one. According to the requirements of the machine, the thickness deviation of the backing bearing on the same shaft should be less than 0.005mm, and they should be divided into 8 groups, especially during use for a period of time. Later, the needle rollers and outer ring of the backing bearing will have a certain degree of wear. Therefore, it is necessary to check the thickness of the bearing regularly.
(2) After the mandrel of the backing bearing is used for a period of time, the bearing surface will also have some wear. The bearing surface of the mandrel should be changed during assembly, which can prolong the use time of the mandrel.
(3) After a long-term use of the backing bearing in the middle part, the load it bears is different from that of the bearings on both sides, and the needle roller wear will be more serious. You can exchange positions with the bearings on both sides regularly to extend the use of the bearings. life.
(4) Regularly clean the oil injection hole on the mandrel to avoid clogging of debris and ensure that the bearing can have sufficient lubricating oil supply. Generally, compressed air can be used to blow out the oil hole at one end of the mandrel, and observe the oil outlet hole. Air pressure and air volume, if necessary, use a probe to clean up.
(5) After the bearing is installed, the side support roller can be used to carry out the pressing test, and the side support roller can be rotated, and more than half of the backing bearing can follow.