Large slewing bearing has been delivered

The slewing bearing is a large bearing with a special structure that can bear comprehensive loads such as large axial loads, radial loads, and overturning moments at the same time, and integrates multiple functions such as support, rotation, transmission, and fixation.

Slewing bearings are widely used. Construction machinery is the first and most widely used place for slewing bearings, such as earthmoving machinery, excavators, dismantling machines, stackers and reclaimers, graders, road rollers, dynamic compaction machines, rock drilling machinery, roadheaders, etc.Before the slewing bearing is installed, the installation surface of the main engine should be inspected first. It is required that the support should have sufficient strength, the connection surface should be machined, and the surface should be smooth without sundries and burrs. For those that cannot be machined to achieve the required flatness, special plastics with high injection strength can be used as fillers to ensure the accuracy of the installation plane and to reduce vibration.

In addition to various construction machinery, the application range of slewing bearings has gradually expanded, and equipment platforms such as port equipment, metallurgical equipment, and drilling platforms have begun to use slewing bearings to replace the original bearings on a large scale.Port equipment: port cranes, reach stackers;New energy equipment: wind power generation equipment, solar power generation equipment;Metallurgical equipment: metallurgical cranes, ladle turrets, steel grabbers, mud cannons, oxygen blowing devices;Amusement equipment: Ferris wheel, etc.; Airport equipment: airport refueling machine; Military equipment: radar, tanks, etc.; Robots: palletizing robots, welding robots, manipulators; Medical equipment: Gamma Knife; Environmental protection equipment: mud scraper;

Turntable slewing bearing application:

  1. Trailer: This type of bearing is used in many occasions, the most important of which are used in the transportation industry, agricultural trailers, irrigation systems and airport luggage racks. In vehicle applications, the bearings transmit axial loads, radial loads and torques. In other applications, they mostly transmit axial loads. LZK specializes in the manufacture of turntable slewing bearings for trailers.
  2. Wind power: Wind turbine bearings usually include yaw bearings, pitch bearings, transmission system bearings (main shaft and gearbox bearings). LZK provides customers with yaw bearings and pitch bearings. The yaw bearing is installed at the connection between the tower and the cockpit, and the pitch bearing is installed at the connection between the root of each blade and the hub. Each wind turbine uses one set of yaw bearings and three sets of pitch bearings.
  3. Solar energy: Rotating solar panels are a great solution for increasing energy. Thanks to the very compact design of the LZK bearings, the largest solar farm in Europe is supplied.
  4. Medical equipment: The high-precision, low-noise, long-life, high-reliability series of medical equipment spindle turntable slewing bearings developed by LZK Bearing have been widely used in large medical equipment such as gamma knife, CT machine, and nuclear magnetic resonance machine.
  5. Robots: industrial robots and other equipment. LZK turntable bearings are installed on the joints of the robot, and this structure can achieve incredibly high-precision rotary motion.

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