Deep Groove Ball Bearings

The Main Performance of Deep Groove Bearing

The raceways of the inner and outer rings of deep groove ball bearings are all arc-shaped grooves, and the radius of the groove is slightly larger than the radius of the ball. It is mainly used to bear radial load, but also can bear certain axial load. When the radial clearance of the deep groove ball bearing increases, the angular contact ball bearing can withstand larger axial loads and is suitable for high-speed rotation. Deep groove ball bearings can still work normally when the housing hole and shaft are relatively inclined 8’~16′, but their service life will be affected. Thrust ball bearings can be used to bear pure axial load when the speed is high.

Deep groove ball bearings generally use two halves of riveted steel plate stamping cage, called wave cage, but large size or telling bearings use solid cage, this kind of cage is guided by the ball like the stamping cage, high speed and deep The cage of groove ball bearings is usually guided by the inner ring or outer ring ribs.

Compared with other types of bearings of the same size, deep groove ball bearings have low friction coefficient, low noise and high limit speed, and high accuracy. However, they are not resistant to impact and are not suitable for heavy loads.

Deep groove ball bearings are simple in structure and easy to use. They have the largest production batch and the widest application range. They are widely used in automobiles, tractors, machine tools, motors, water pumps, agricultural machinery, textile machinery and other fields. Its output accounts for 60% to 70% of the total output of bearings, which is the highest output, the most commonly used and the cheapest type of bearing in China.

Deep Groove Ball Bearings

The Main Structure of Deep Groove Ball

(1) Basic deep groove ball bearing 60,000 type
This structure can be used for parts that have no special requirements for installation, sealing, and coordination.
(2) Deep groove ball bearing 60000N type with brake groove on the outer ring
The deep groove ball bearing with brake and groove change is installed on the outer diameter of the outer ring. After the stop ring is installed, the axial positioning of the bearing in the bearing housing hole can be simplified, and the axial size of the component can be reduced. Small axial load.
The bearing code of this type of bearing with a stop ring is 60000NR.
(3) Deep groove ball bearings 60000-Z and 60000-2Z with dust cover
The deep groove ball bearing with dust cover is protected by steel dust cover to prevent grease leakage and foreign matter intrusion. The deep groove ball bearing with dust cover is divided into a dust cover on one side and a dust cover on both sides. There is a radial gap between the dust cover and the rib of the inner ring. It is a non-contact seal, so the friction torque is small. Compared with the bearing with sealing ring, its dustproof performance is poor, but the limit speed is higher.
The bearing has a dust cover on one side and a stop groove on the outer ring on the other side, its code is 60000-ZN.
(4) Deep groove ball bearing with sealing ring
Since sealed bearings can simplify the sealing structure of the support and improve the performance of the bearing, this type of product has developed rapidly and the demand is increasing, and it has accounted for about 90% of the output of deep groove ball bearings. There are also various types of bearing seals, including contact seals, non-contact seals and light contact seals to meet different needs. But the main function is to prevent the leakage of grease and the intrusion of foreign objects.