Our company has been equipped with RHBS2080 CNC bearing super precision machine

The RHBS2080 CNC bearing super-finishing machine equipped by our company is suitable for super-finishing three types of self-aligning inner rings, inner and outer ring raceways of tapered cylindrical roller bearings, and is suitable for super-groove processing technology for the outer diameter of support rings.

RHBS2080 CNC bearing super precision machine super precision method:

1.Through the interpolation of the x-axis and z-axis, the shape of the raceway to be processed is obtained, and there is a small vibration, and the processing surface of the workpiece is super-precision.

2.Single-station two-step super-finishing process is adopted, and the rough and fine super-stations are automatically switched during the processing. The oil stone pressurization adopts pneumatic pressurization and has automatic compensation function. When super-finishing, the oilstone is always in contact with the surface of the workpiece and the pressure remains unchanged. The structure has radial adjustment function to adapt to the super precision of workpieces of different sizes.

Working principle of bearing super precision machine:

Bearing super precision machine is also the super precision machine used on bearings. Some are also called bearing raceway super precision machines. They mainly include motors, connecting rods, pressure springs, reciprocating shafts, super precision shafts, and super precision machines. Shaft barrel, the motor shaft is connected to the eccentric sleeve with a key. There is a semicircle outside the eccentric sleeve. The front end of the connecting rod is welded and connected to the semicircular body. The other end of the connecting rod is connected to the reciprocating shaft through a linking pin and is set on the reciprocating shaft. There is a sliding sleeve and a compression spring. The other end of the reciprocating shaft is connected to a fastening sleeve. The fastening sleeve is fixed on the super-precision shaft barrel. The barrel is set on the super-precision shaft. The motor and the bearing carrier plate supporting the super-precision shaft are fixed. On the carrying roller.

Advantages of bearing superfinishing machine:

  1. Can effectively reduce waviness. During the super-precision grinding process, in order to ensure that the whetstone always acts on the wave crest and does not contact the wave trough, the arc of the contact between the whetstone and the workpiece ≥ the wavelength of the waviness of the workpiece surface. In this way, the contact pressure of the wave crest is relatively large, and the convex peak becomes smaller. are cut away, thereby reducing waviness.
  2. Improve the groove error of ball bearing raceways. Super precision grinding can effectively improve the groove shape error of the raceway by about 30%.
  3. It can generate compressive stress on the surface being ultra-finishing. During the super-fine grinding process, cold plastic deformation mainly occurs, resulting in residual compressive stress on the surface of the workpiece after super-fine grinding.
  4. It can increase the contact area of the working surface of the ferrule. After super fine grinding, the contact support area of the working surface of the ferrule can be increased from 15% to 40% after grinding to 80% to 95%.

Our staff can use the RHBS2080 CNC bearing super precision machine to produce bearing products with higher precision and higher performance, so that the product performance is in the best state, thereby better meeting customer needs.