There are many types of rolling bearings used in plate rolling mills, and each type of bearing has its own suitable application occasions. In actual work, there are many cases of bearing failure or early damage due to improper bearing selection. Therefore, the selection of bearing type and the correct installation and use play a very important role in the service life of the bearing.

The main considerations for selecting rolling bearings for plate rolling mills are: installation space, load size, load direction, alignment performance, operating speed, rotation accuracy, axial displacement, etc. At the same time, bearing installation and disassembly must be considered. For example, roll bearings in the metallurgical industry can choose four-row cylindrical roller bearings or multi-row tapered roller bearings with no ribs on the inner ring, which can be easily installed with the roll neck and the bearing box hole.

It is another requirement of the rolling mill to quickly install and disassemble the roll bearing box on the journal of the roll to realize the frequent and rapid roll change of the rolling mill. Four-row tapered roller bearings can only be quickly assembled and disassembled on the journal when the inner diameter of the bearing and the journal of the roll adopt a clearance fit. However, this kind of coordination often leads to the wear of the roll neck at medium and high speeds. Even if the spiral lubrication groove is added to the inner diameter of the bearing inner ring, it is impossible to control the wear to the limit. Four rows of cylindrical rollers Bearing, because of its separable type, the outer ring of the bearing and the roller bearing cage assembly can be separated from the inner ring, the inner ring is installed on the journal of the roll with an interference fit, and the bearing box and the roll are separable and mutually compatible. Change. When the rolling mill changes the rolling program, you can freely choose the combination of the roll and the bearing box to realize the purpose of rapid roll change and avoid the problem of wear of the bearing inner ring and roll neck. The medium and thick plate 3500 production line rolling mill adopts four-row cylindrical roller bearings , The use effect is good.