A car usually has about 30 kinds of 50 sets of bearings installed in different rotating parts. In practice, automotive bearings are generally classified according to installation or use locations. Corresponding to the division of automobiles into engines, drive trains, steering trains, and air conditioning systems, automobile bearings can be divided into engine bearings, drive train bearings, steering system bearings, and air conditioner bearings according to the installation position, and then can be further subdivided into The various components of the above system and the specific installation location of the bearing. Due to the diversification of automobile and bearing design, similar parts of different automobiles often adopt different component structures and bearing structures. The bearing installation position diagram and the corresponding bearing type spectrum table can show the installation position of the bearing in more detail and intuitively, and can reveal the internal connection between the parts and the bearing by giving the bearing model, dimensions and installation position at the same time.

The improvement of automobile structure, the development of varieties and specifications, the improvement of performance and life, and the diversification of automobile design and bearing design have led to the expansion of the application range of general bearings.

So far, general-purpose bearings directly used in automobiles have covered almost all basic structural types, more and more series and more and more specifications of general-purpose bearings, and the improvement and development of general-purpose bearings directly applied have led to Some new general bearing series and special bearings.